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project overview
During the Spring semester of 2022 at the University of North Florida, my classmates and I were given the opportunity to redesign NAMI Jacksonville's website. While my team and I worked together on the layout, aesthetic, and cohesion of the website, we worked individually on the pages. I was responsible for creating the support and programs pages, as well as the peer to peer, family to family, ending the silence, and in our own voice subpages. Another major contribution I made was ideating the "how are you feeling?" section of the home page. Our redesign still serves as NAMI Jacksonville's website, click the button below to check it out!
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To establish a sense of cohesion across the website, we created a consistent header image layout for each page and sub page

the difference
Each main page has an image, page title, and brief description header layout while each sub page has an image and page title as a header layout. By creating consistency across these pages, the user can easily identify where what part of the website is being viewed.

When viewing NAMI's original website design, my team and I discovered a few key issues. While the website was functioning, it did not encourage user experience. Often times, the information was cluttered and it was difficult to tell which parts of the web pages were important. With this in mind, our mission was to break up the information, establish hierarchy, and provide calls to action.

Our first method of solving these issues was incorporating color to better reflect the organization's aesthetic. Next we changed the typeface to a rounded sanserif font because it represents a smooth transition to a positive state of mind. After establishing the aesthetic through color and typography, we worked on breaking up the information and highlighting important features. We accomplished this by adjusting the layout and adding visual elements such as the yellow color bars to establish hierarchy. Finally, we implemented a creative call to action on the home page to increase user interaction.

website redesign
Jan 2022— May 2022

"how are you feeling?"

the "how are you feeling?" section
My proudest contribution in redesigning the NAMI website was ideating the "how are you feeling?" section. This is the first call to action that the user encounters, giving them an opportunity to find help or to further navigate through the website. When the user clicks on one of the faces, a dropdown menu appears correlating to the face that the user chose.

I thought of this idea by putting myself into the perspective of the user. Because people seeking help with mental health often do not know what they are looking for, this section gives them the opportunity to simply express how they feel and immediately receive direction to some potential actions to take.
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