intersect shoes

project overview
Intersect shoes is an ideated skateboard shoe brand synonymous with durability, strength, and freedom. It's bold and stark aesthetic works to embody the urban graffiti and art that street skateboarders create and encounter every day.
The logo is an abstract mark, obscuring the letterform through positive and negative space. It uses arrows to divide and invert parts of the letters, playing into the definition of intersect. High contrast accentuates these attributes, representing the brand adjectives extreme, wild, and surreal, while its bold and solid shape represents the adjectives tough and urban. The design of the logo can also be easily converted into a sticker which helps cater to the target audience of skateboarders. While the logo works in black and white, an inverse variation does not present the same success.
The mockups I created are common touch-points in which skateboarders would interact with the brand. For example, I created store signage, shoe boxes, business cards, a clothing tag, and a catalog cover.
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