bocks socks

packaging design

Have you ever worried if your child will like the gift you got them?

especially if its something they really need, like socks and underwear?

bocks is here to help!

project overview
bocks is an ideated children's sock brand who's uniqueness stems from their packaging design. Adamant about the growth and well-being of underprivileged children, bocks works to help lower income families by providing children with a common necessity disguised as a toy.
To match the vibrant colors of the socks themselves, the bocks logo is a multicolored word mark. Its form is reminiscent of the cutting and folding a child will do when assembling their bocks figurine. The type is hand lettered to match the hands-on approach to the brand's packaging design.
package design
Bocks uses an interactive packaging design, having the inside of the package double as a template for children to cut and fold their very own figurine! Not only does this reduce the amount of packaging waste, it also gives kids a mentally stimulating activity to complete and provides them with a common neccessity disguised as a toy!

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